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British Values

Leeds City Academy actively promotes British Values through challenging opinions and behaviours in lessons and coaching time. This ensures that students are able to distinguish right from wrong and to have some knowledge of the civil and criminal law of Britain. British Values are delivered through assemblies, coaching and Step Up days to that students are able to build respect for the democratic processes on which law is made and applied in Britain. 

As part of our approach to British Values, we take very seriously our public sector equality duty (s.149 of the Equality Act 2010) which requires us to have due regard of the need to:

  • eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under that Act;
  • advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it;
  • foster good relations between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it.

At Leeds City Academy we have a very subject specific, in-depth citizenship programme, including the option to study citizenship at Key Stage 4. This means that all students receive full schemes of work around democracy, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance and the rule of law. These are not delivered as one of sessions but as assessed modules that have been planned by a citizenship specialist.

British Values in Action


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Community - Powerpoint Presentation

Multi-faith United Kingdom - Presentation & Workshop


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