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The Language Development Faculty comprises French and English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The French Department

At Leeds City Academy, we aim to promote the study of foreign languages within our school community and to help each and every student to achieve his and her potential and aspirations in this subject area. We aim to provide courses which are compelling, engaging, relevant and rewarding which enable our students to be resourceful, resilient, independent learners.

As a school and community we have a responsibility to prepare all our students for the global future which awaits them, and what better way to get them ready for this exciting future than by arming them with the skills that a foreign language offers? At every level from Year 7-11, we are building their linguistic competence, promoting positivity and boosting self-confidence. We aim to include active learning and thinking skills activities as a consistent approach to language acquisition, which in turn promotes independence and creativity.
We currently offer GCSE in French (AQA) in KS4.

Course Delivered

  • GCSE French (AQA)


Term by Term Schemes of Work


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The Spanish Department

At Key Stage 3, Spanish provides students with an introduction to the language and culture of Spain; covering topics such as self, family and friends, school, and food and drink. Students are able to practise their language skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish. Emphasis is placed upon building students' grammatical understanding in order to provide them with a sound basis for future study. At Key Stage 4, students are encouraged to develop their ability to communicate coherently and with increased accuracy. Over the three years, students cover the following three themes: Identity and culture, Local, national, international and global areas of interest, and Current and future study and employment. Students deepen their knowledge not only of the language itself but also of the culture of the different countries and communities which speak Spanish, which helps them to broaden their horizons and provides them with a different perspective of the world. Students are assessed via examinations in reading, listening, speaking and writing, taken at the end of year 11, each of which account for 25% of the final grade. 


Courses Delivered

  • GCSE Spanish (AQA)

Term by Term Schemes of Work


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The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department


The EAL department believes that students’ acquisition of English is best achieved in mainstream classrooms where EAL  students are actively engaged and supported by all school staff, and have access to good models of English from their peers.

We acknowledge that, for many EAL students, the only barrier to learning is English and that many students are Able Bilingual Learners who can achieve no less than as well as their monolingual peers. We promote and celebrate bilingualism. We consider the acquisition of English as a necessity for success in the curriculum and the development of students’ English skills as the responsibility of every member of staff.

The department comprises EAL teachers, Student Support Workers and bilingual EAL Teaching Assistants

The EAL Department at Leeds City Academy supports pupils of all abilities with English as an Additional Language. We aim to work with these pupils in the following ways:

In class support.

  1. Special EAL English groups for New To English pupils. EAL English groups aim to develop the basic skills in English of listening, speaking, reading and writing to enable students to move to mainstream English classes as quickly as possible AND to support the students’ use of English in other areas of the curriculum.
  2. A week long EAL Induction for New To English students.
  3. Providing additional options for New To English and late arriving students in Years 10 and 11
  4. Offering GCSE exams and exam support in available Heritage Languages to pupils in Years 10 and 11.
  5. Developing resources and strategies to support pupils in mainstream classes and their teachers and support staff.
  6. Supporting Progress Leaders to provide high quality admission and induction.
  7. Working with the Pastoral team to provide pastoral support.
  8. Sharing information with school colleagues about students’ prior and current education, experiences and needs, including raising awareness about students’ culture and background.
  9. Working closely with Parent / Carers to facilitate their involvement in their child's school experience.
  10. Facilitating individual access to and attendance at school,alongside school staff.
  11. Liaising with other groups such as Social Services, Education transport / benefits, the GRTAS,community groups to support pupils and families.
  12. Working alongside careers and alternative provision providers to access appropriate courses and work placements for pupils.
  13. Providing training for school staff about the needs of EAL / overseas students and strategies to meet those needs.
  14. Running after school ‘New to English’ and computer and homework clubs for target students.


For further information on the curriculum offered please contact the Academy F.A.O Kelly Allchin (EBACC Subjects)