Leeds City Academy

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Zone at Leeds City Academy is a dynamic and stimulating environment where you will learn a broad and varied curriculum. High achievement is encouraged through an engaging programme of high quality teaching and learning. We expect all students to do their very best as they explore, develop and refine new skills, ideas and experiences. Students receive a high level of individually tailored support from a skilled team of teachers, support staff and professional practitioners. We are a comprehensive multicultural community in which a disciplined working environment is created through mutual respect and shared values.

Creativity is often born through discovery, therefore, pupils are provided with broad range of inspirational experiences which allow them to explore their own creative strengths and weaknesses, talents and interests. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively through independent learning, practical application, teamwork and reflection. We also prepare our students for the future by addressing issues relevant to their personal, social and moral development. Sequential tasks building on past achievement assures that every pupil is confident that they will achieve something. Confidence builds achievement and students are aware of personal and individual goals.