Leeds City Academy



Humanities at LCA is taught cross curricular in years 7 and 8. Pupils work on umbrella topics and are taught national curriculum content for PSHE, citizenship, history, geography and RE within these. Time allocation for each subject area reflects the EBAC choices many pupils will need to make in year 9 so extra time is spend embedding core geography and history skills without taking away from the other humanities areas. Pupils are assessed in a variety of ways although there is a large emphasis in extended writing and source analysis to equip them with the skills needed for GCSE humanities.

We currently deliver GCSE options in history, geography, citizenship and religious studies, these subjects have proved very popular with our students and we are currently developing exciting new schemes of work to complement the recent GCSE specification changes. KS4 students have had the opportunity to visit local courts, local buildings of historical interest, religious buildings and we have long standing links to the Holocaust memorial centre in Nottingham where pupils have had the opportunity to meet Holocaust survivors.

PSHE is valued highly at LCA and pupils receive a comprehensive specialist programme of study. in year 11 pupils receive a great deal of post 16 information, support and guidance. Pupils will have the opportunity to apply for all of their post options in school with specialist support so that this does not eat into their important revision time at home.