Leeds City Academy


A Visit from Hilary Benn MP

The Importance of Understanding Politics and Democracy

This week, Leeds City Academy welcomed Hilary Benn MP, who spoke to a group of students. Mr Benn discussed democracy, the history of politics and his current role in government, in addition to current affairs on a local and global scale.

Mr Benn has been MP for Leeds Central for seventeen years. Last year he was elected as Chair of the Exiting the European Union Select Committee, which scrutinises the work of the Department for Exiting the European Union, following the majority referendum vote to leave the European Union.

Speaking with a number of Leeds City Academy students, Mr Benn was asked a number of complex questions surrounding Brexit, free movement across Europe, the condition of the economy, the role of the National Health Service and our relationship with the United States of America and Russia.

A popular point which especially interested students was Mr Benn's belief that people aged 16 and above should have been allowed to vote in the recent referendum. "These things are important," said Mr Benn. "Decisions such as leaving the European Union will effect future generations. The generation of young people in this room; young people who I believe should be able to vote on their own future."

Ms Foy said: "Thank you to Mr Benn for not only answering some pressing political questions from our students, but for also posing inspirational questions to us in return, helping us to develop our own views. So many of our students have continued the debate over Brexit and the economy today, inspired by Mr Benn's vibrant and engaging talk."

Click on the short video below to see Mr Benn answering Leeds City Academy students' questions:



Mr Benn has also been supporting Leeds City Academy's proposition to improve the street lighting and roads leading up to the school. For more details click here.