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Transition at Leeds City Academy

 New videos explaining all you need to know about transition 

Moving to secondary school can be a daunting. That’s why at Leeds City Academy we have created a selection of short videos, written by current Year 7 students, to make the transition from primary school to secondary a little bit easier.

A group of students worked with the White Rose Academies Trust’s Marketing Department to create short clips and a longer video to give future pupils a ‘feel’ for academy life before they begin.   

The Year 7s thought of the all the things that they considered would be useful for new-starters to know when starting in September. They include:

  • What should I wear?
  • How do I get to my lessons?
  • What's in my school bag?
  • What clubs can I join?
  • What should I do at lunch and break?
  • What is Red Zone learning?

Mr Ford and the rest of the transition team are delighted to share with you our new transition page, which has been published on our website complete with the videos.

The Marketing Team would like to say: “A big thank you to all the Year 7 students who took part in the planning and production of these videos. You all behaved impeccably and are absolute credits to the Leeds City Academy!”

Click here to go to our Transition Page and watch the videos.