Leeds City Academy


Discovery Zone at Leeds University

Photos (from top right): Hearing the heart beat; Finding strawberry DNA; Playing an ecosystem game;  Testing material structure. 

Investigating science in action

On Wednesday 28th March, Leeds City Academy’s Year 7 students, accompanied by Ms Booth, Ms Carroll and Mr Wilkes, spent the morning taking part in the Discovery Zone workshops at Leeds University.

The students walked from Leeds City Academy to the University’s sports hall, which was packed with several stalls with different science experiments on; each manned by a student representative.

The excellent learning opportunity allowed pupils to participate in activities that they don’t normally take part in at school such as making DNA structures out of beads, heart dissection, investigating the ecosystem and loads more.  

The highlight for the students was the station that involved the pupils making their own mini-rockets and they got to watch them take off due to a chemical reaction.

Ms Booth said: “The students represented the academy wonderfully and walked to/from the university in a very mature way. Each student was highly engaged with the workshops and enthusiastic when speaking to the student representatives.”


 Photo: Year 7 students on the University steps.