Leeds City Academy


Executive Principal's Student of the Month

Congratulations to Cameron in Year 11, who is Mr Whitaker's, Executive Principal of the White Rose Academies Trust, Student of the Month. 

Cameron has been chosen for the most prestigious Trust Student Award of the Year - the December Executive Principal's Award. This award is presented to the student who is recognised as representing and embodying the Trust values.

On presenting this award to Cameron, Mr Whitaker, Executive Principal, said "Cameron was recommended for this award by Mr Pollard and Miss Batten who, in making the recommendation, explained that Cameron is the student that they believe most embodies the values and ethos of the Trust.

"Furthermore they explained that Cameron is a highly aspirational student who combines intellectual capacity with a deep care and concern for all his student peers."

We would like to wish Cameron and his family a lovely Christmas break and have a wonderful New Year. 

Thank you Cameron for being an outstanding student. We wish you all the best with your GCSE exams in the summer.