Leeds City Academy


Holocaust Centre Trip

A Thought Provoking Visit

On Monday 29th January 2018, 37 Year 9 students from Leeds City Academy went on the school's annual trip to the Holocaust Centre in Newark.

The day started with an introduction to the Holocaust in the Education Centre and students were told what they were going to do during the day.

This was followed by a guided tour around the main Holocaust Exhibition with Mr Pedro leading one of the groups and the Holocaust Educator leading the other group. 

They then returned to the Education Centre to watch a story of a survivor, Eva Clarke, who recalled her miraculous story about being born on a train cart, next to Mauthausen concentration camp, in 1945. She weighed 1.5kg, despite her mother only being 5 stone. 

After seeing and reflecting on this amazing story, the group walked around the Holocaust Memorial Gardens.  Each student and staff member put down a stone in tribute to 1.5 million children that died in the Holocaust.

Mr Pedro said: “This trip was an amazing experience for all involved and one Leeds City Academy looks forward to continuing again next year.”