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Mathematics Alumnus

Cambridge student returns to Leeds City Academy

Leeds City Academy welcomed back a former pupil this week. Undergraduate Han originally arrived at the start of Year 8 and achieved an A* in GCSE Mathematics within one academic year. After Year 8 he returned to China with his family.

Mr Hall, Teacher of Mathematics, said: "Han was a phenomenal student, I remember he came out his Maths GCSE exam and told me he thought he scored 198/200 on the GCSE, because he didn't quite understand the English in just one of the questions. When the results came in he had scored exactly 198/200 and an A*."

Han is now 19 and has returned to the UK to study BSc Engineering at Cambridge University.  On his letter of application to the university, Han cited the A* he secured in Year 8 at our school.

Principal Ms Rose added: "Thank you for visiting us, Han. Leeds City Academy is building a very remarkable alumni of talented and successful young people, particularly in the STEM subjects. We hope you can return to visit us again soon to inspire younger students to follow in your footsteps. We wish you the very best of luck with your degree."