Leeds City Academy


Mr Parmar MBE Inspires Young Innovators

Leeds City Academy was proud to welcome Mr Rashik Parmar back to Leeds City Academy this week.

Previously a student of the school, Mr Parmar is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and was also President of IBM's Academy of Technology. In 2016 he was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to innovation and business.

Throughout Mr Parmar's thirty years of practical experience at IBM, he has worked for financial, retail and manufacturing clients on Information Technology projects of all sizes. He specialises in ensuring the technical success of very complex projects.

During his assembly and workshop at Leeds City Academy, Mr Parmar spoke to students about the role of cognitive systems in data analytics and the customer’s experience (artificial intelligence, super computers, databases and how we interact with them) whilst demonstrating how working with this new technology has created a provision which would take a group of humans many months of work to achieve.

Mr Parmar introduced students to 'Watson', a fully interactive computer system with software capable of beating the brightest contestants in a quiz show. Watson speaks clearly like a human and shows the power of innovative technology when linked to data available on the Internet. Mr Parmar said: "Watson is changing the way we learn things and make decisions at an incredible speed."

Mr Parmar continued to inspire students by providing a history of the capacitor - a device used to store an electrical charge - which has gone on to change how we live our everyday lives. From the very first capacitor, computers have grown to contain millions, providing everything from washing machine timers to the guidance control systems of space craft.

Ms Rose said: "Thank you to Mr Parmar for enthusing our students in the extraordinary fields of technology. We look forward to welcoming Mr Parmar back to the school for our Presentation Evening, when he will be presenting the Award for Outstanding Work in Business & Technology."