Leeds City Academy


All You Need To Know About The New LCA Bus Service

We are thrilled to share the good news that Leeds City Academy has managed to secure three daily bus services, with CT plus, transporting our pupils to and from school.

 What are the routes?

 The three bus routes, which started running on Tuesday 2nd January 2018, are outlined below:

 Leeds City Academy 1 (27minutes) – First pickup 0743

From Harehills Lane/York Road via Harehills Lane, Roundhay Road, Spencer Place, Cowper Street, Chapeltown Road, Sheepscar Intersection, Meanwood Road, Oatland Road, Servia Hill, Servia Road and Woodhouse Street.

 Leeds City Academy 2 (26 minutes) – First pickup 0730  (updated on 7/2/2018)

From Dewsbury Road, Tempest Rd R, Beeston Rd L, over mini roundabout, Town St S, Westley St R, Elland Rd R (Billy Bremner), Straight A643, Canal St S (GYRATORY – Follow signs for Bradford), Ledgard Way R, (Canal Rd), Viaduct Rd S, A65 Kirkstall Rd L, Savins Mill Way L (Morrisons), B6157 Bridgerd R, Kirkstall Lane S, Cardigan Rd R, Victoria Rd L, A660 Ottley Rd R, Immediate left @ Woodhouse St.

 Leeds City Academy 3 (24 minutes) – First pickup 0746

From Foundry Drive/Foundry Place via Foundry Drive, Strathmore Drive, Ashley Road, Harehills Road, Roundhay Road, Barrack Road, Sheepscar Intersection, Meanwood Road, Oatland Road, Servia Hill, Servia Road and Woodhouse Street.

Further details of the different bus routes can be found on the ‘generation m’ website.

Do I need a ticket?

 You need a MetroCard and ticket not a First Bus ticket.

  • You can use your Metro Card on all buses in West Yorkshire (Including The First buses and LCA buses). With a First Bus Ticket you can only get on First buses and not get on the LCA bus.
  • You can pay for the tickets at any place where there is a PayZone (Many newsagents have these), online or at the Bus Station.
  • Get your metro card here.

When will I arrive at and leave school?

All three services will arrive at school at 8:10am and the buses will depart from school at 3:00pm.

 How should I behave on the bus?

We are certain that the new buses will have a positive impact on the travel arrangements of many of our youngsters. However, as with all parts of Academy life, we will have the highest expectations of behaviour on these buses. Therefore, if these expectations are not met then it will be at the Academy’s discretion whether pupils will travel on the buses.

Use it or lose it

The bus service is something that is a privilege to the Academy and if we do not use the buses, then they will be given to a different school.  


If you have any questions please ask your tutor, Mr Ford, Mr Ray or your Year managers.