Leeds City Academy


PiXL Striving for 5 Maths Conference

Excelling in maths together 

Year 11 students from Leeds City Academy attended the PiXL Striving for 5 Maths Conference at the Harrogate Convention Centre in April.

The session focused on key topics that students from across the UK struggle with when aiming for a grade 5+.  The students engaged in five workshops, which were delivered at a fast and engaging pace. Following this, Shabazz Nelson, who is a renowned life coach and motivational speaker, entertained our students.

Mrs Gunson said: “The students were a credit to the Academy and demonstrated exemplary conduct during the day in relation to engagement, attitude and behaviour.”

Our students said:

Latisha said: “I feel that the PiXL Maths conference allowed me to excel in maths. I enjoyed going over the differentiated maths subjects. The motivational speaker was very empowering and made me believe in myself! I thought that I was going to struggle in maths but after today’s session, I think I could easily achieve a 5+!”

Mustafa added: “I think that the Pixl maths conference was fun and engaging. It boosted my confidence in Maths as a whole. I think the biggest thing I took from it was how much fun I can make the subject when it comes to revision. It has inspired me to study Mathematics at A Level.”

The Maths department are very confident that our students will use this experience to produce fantastic results and continue our journey towards ‘Outstanding!’