Leeds City Academy

Principal's Update

Maintaining our Mindfulness & Manners

I begin this week's update with an issue regarding conduct and safe movement of students on public transport. Amongst the numerous letters I receive which compliment our students on their behaviour and smartness, I have observed some reports of a small number of Leeds City Academy pupils who are not conducting themselves as I would expect. Many of our young people use buses to get to and from school at peak periods of travel across Leeds City Centre; it is vital that our students always conduct themselves with the mindfulness and outstanding manners which we expect to see every day within the Academy. Please ensure that we continue to maintain our reputation as outstanding young citizens of Leeds by conducting ourselves with courtesy and maturity on public transport and within bus shelters.

In brighter news I met with Student Council this week, discussing progress on whole school improvement. I was delighted to confirm that our long-awaited new student lavatories will be overhauled during the Easter holidays, in addition to progress being made on the football area. We also evaluated the impact of the LCA Revision Guide for Year 11 students and discussed the management of traffic within our canteen. Every term we're improving our school and it is a delight to press forward on these transformations with our outstanding student leaders. A short clip of a student council session in action is now available to view below.

Hilary Benn MP also returned to Leeds City Academy this week. As ever, it was enlightening to have Mr Benn visit our school and ignite our students' passion for politics, both local, national and global. Speaking with a number of students, Mr Benn was asked a number of complex questions surrounding Brexit, free movement across Europe, the condition of the economy, the role of the National Health Service and our relationship with the United States of America and Russia. More details about Mr Benn's fascinating visit can also be found here.

As we drive forward on school improvement, I can announce that we have successfully secured several new appointments at the Academy, ranging from Art/Photography and Technology, to Spanish, English and Maths. New non-teaching staff who have recently joined us include Year Managers for Years 8 - 9, an Isolation Manager, a Family Support Worker and a Student Receptionist. I'm sure you'll join me in welcoming these key staff to our Leeds City Academy community.

Finally, Poetry Slam hits us in the library this week. Good luck to all of our budding poets and expect a full report, as usual, here on the Academy website. In the meantime, do join our group of online followers on Twitter @LeedsCityWay.

Best wishes,


Jackie Rose


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