Leeds City Academy


Principal's Update 


An Impressive Start to the New Year

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wish you all a very happy new year and hope that this year is prosperous and peaceful. In the Academy we are energised after a two week break and already back on track with ensuring that all students are receiving high quality teaching. Last week, we had a visiting OFSTED inspector and members of the Trust Leadership Team for two days, with our school improvement partner, popping into lessons to ensure that our teaching is meeting the high standards we expect, and that students are learning everything that they need to. Having been part of the review myself, I can confidently report the high standards of teaching and learning within the Academy. The inspection team were very impressed with the students’ engagement in lessons, with their politeness and good manners, and with the progress of students towards targets. I have yet to receive the final report but the verbal feedback was incredibly positive, and validates our hard work since the OFSTED visit last Spring, on our journey to Outstanding.

Another huge change since the start of this term are our new school buses. We are delighted to report that we have entered into an agreement with CT Plus bus company, who run three buses into the Academy each morning and home again in the evening. Two of these routes go East from the Academy to Chapeltown and Harehills, and the other South West, to Kirkstall and Beeston. This latter route is still being finalised but we are confident that it will be in action next week. Students need a Metro pass to use these buses not a First Bus pass as only Metro cards are valid for payment. To help with this, Metro kindly sent two employees into the Academy on Monday so that we could fast track applications for Metro Cards. Students should receive their cards in the post this week and then should pre-load payment onto them at the bus station or a shop kiosk for travel.

Next week, we are having a uniform focus week where we will be checking to make sure uniform is of a high standard. Parents, please support us with this by making sure your child has the right tie for their year group, a clean white shirt, regulation black trousers, a school blazer, black socks and suitable black shoes. If you need any reminders of what meets and what doesn’t meet our expectations please check the website under the parent/carer tab.

Year 11 students have been busy in mock exams for the last three weeks. They have worked very hard, demonstrating exemplary behaviour and effort in these exams as reported by our team of invigilators. Early data predictions are showing that students have made progress towards their target grades which is very encouraging. Parents, please support your children through the next few months as this period is tough for Year 11. Please make sure they eat balanced meals and have enough sleep as well as a quiet place to study. No student should be spending hours of time on computer games, or social media during the next five months as they prepare for GCSE exams. In the next two weeks Mr Pollard will run assemblies on tips and hints about good revision strategies and all Year 11 students will receive a revision pack, plus be signed up to phone apps that have high quality revision material.

A few other piece of news; Year 10 parents’ evening is Wednesday 7th February from 3.00pm until 6.30pm. Please book appointments using our online booking system if you are the parent of a Year 10 student. This is an important period for Year 10 as they are also gearing up to take GCSE’s, and all teachers look forward to sharing information about your child’s progress with you on parents’ evening. Our Community Hub is back up and running after the Christmas break. Please remember that this is free access for parents and carers to English language lessons. It is highly rated by our regular attendees.

Finally, I will end on some good news! I would like to express my best wishes to Mr Stott, Mr Hall and Mrs Hall who all became the parents to beautiful baby boys during the last three weeks. Congratulations!

Best wishes, 


Jackie Rose