Leeds City Academy


Principal's Update

I think it is worth reflecting this week on a very busy but extremely productive half term.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff for their tireless dedication and consistently going the extra mile to support our students. Year 11 students are shattered, but we have worked them incredibly hard since day one.

It is fantastic to see how seriously they are taking this academic year. If you are a parent of a year 11 student, please ensure they take a break this half term to wind down and rest. Please also remind them that the mock exams they have just completed are simply used to checkpoint where they are and what we still need to do. They are more for the teachers benefit and in reality do not count towards their end grade, so our year 11 students should not be getting over stressed about their results.

Today I walked around the Academy with parents and Year 6 students. To say they were impressed was a huge understatement. They visited classes in English, Maths, Art, PE, History, Music and Technology. In all cases they saw fantastic teaching, caring teachers and support staff, students engaging with lessons and having fun, extending skills and knowledge, writing, laughing, talking and above all learning. This is what happens here day in day out.

I am so proud of all our staff who contribute to making our Academy a wonderful environment to work and to learn.

If you are the parent of a year 5/6 student we would like to invite you to visit our Academy during the day and see what our staff and students accomplish together each day. Please call us on 0113 284 4260 to make an appointment.