Leeds City Academy


Qari Asim MBE Meets Mosaic Mentoring Students

Aspiring to work hard 

On Wednesday 20th June, Leeds City Academy were pleased to welcome a real estate solicitor and local Imam, Qari Asim MBE into our Academy to address our Year 9 Mosaic Mentoring Project students.

Qari is also Chair of Deen Foundation, an organisation dedicated to promoting education. He has translated a number of articles from Urdu to English and has authored a book Our Children: Our Future.

Qari’s current focus is on youth engagement; he is co-founder of Young Minds, a voluntary community organisation committed to providing recreational and educational activities to the youth.

- Find out more: https://www.mosaicnetwork.co.uk/qari-asim/ 

Mr Asim spoke to students about how he has worked hard to overcome some of life’s difficulties and encouraged our students to do the same.   

Students who have taken part in the programme were also presented with certificates to recognise their achievements.

Mrs Foy said: “The students involved are still talking about how motivated they felt after hearing from Mr Asim. He has definitely inspired lots of students to work hard and it was a pleasure to invite him into our Academy.”