Leeds City Academy


Road Safety Performance by The Riot Act 

Learning about the dangers of the road.

On Monday 19th February, Year 7 pupils at Leeds City Academy watched an educational performance called 'Deadly Distraction' about road safety played out by The Riot Act.

The play told the tale of three teenagers who were put in challenging situations in and around cars.  Often, the characters were reckless or distracted near/on the road, which led to some life-changing consequences.

After the performance, the students had the opportunity to answer and ask questions to the actors about what they had just seen. They also discussed how to be safe in the car and how to avoid incidents when crossing the road.

Mr Ford said: "It was great to welcome the Riot Act to Leeds City Academy. Our students responded really well to the performance, which addressed some difficult topics in a very engaging way and encouraged pupils to talk about road safety."