Leeds City Academy


Safer Internet Day at LCA

Tuesday 5th February 2019 was Safer Internet Day.

During lunchtime PC Berrell and Mr Diamond ran sessions, which invited students to complete an internet safety quiz, ask any questions they had and discuss social media privacy settings. 

Students also have the opportunity to attend assemblies led by Mrs Edwards, Mr Diamond and PC Berrell. The assemblies will teach students how they can stay safe on the internet and how they can control their information. 

Parent sessions were also held on Safer Internet Day at Leeds City Academy. Parents were able to learn how to keep children safe online and understand the common cybercrimes that happen in Leeds. PC Berrell shared some of the cases she has dealt with involving students such as; fraud online, the sending of inappropriate images and malicious messages/communication. 

PC Berrell was able to offer advice to parents whilst encouraging them to speak to their children about the time they spend on the internet.

 We hope that our students now feel better equipped to stay safe on the internet. We are grateful to have a dedicated day each year where we can discuss internet safety.