Leeds City Academy


Science Club - Bone Healing

Engineering Humans: Bone Healing Part 1

This week pupils looked at bone healing and this will be linked to next week’s fracture fixation.

Pupils first had a discussion around broken bones and how they are treated. They then learned about the two types of sling used to immobilise injured limbs. The elevation and arm slings and when to use which one. It was then their turn to try and tie each sling, which caused much hilarity.

We then looked at the healing process that occurs after a broken bone has been immobilised.

1)     Blood clot forms.

2)     Soft callus forms.

3)     New bone starts to be created.

4)     Regular shape of bone is created so the bone can be loaded and moved normally.

 The task then was to model these four stages using play doh. The session finished with a short quiz.

Students, we would love to see more of you at Science Club which is held every Tuesday after school!