Leeds City Academy


Security Incident - 8/5/2018

Dear Parent(s),

Many thanks for your patience during today’s (Tuesday 8th May) security procedure. Whilst this may have been an inconvenience for some of you, I'm sure you understand that our decisions are made wholly in the interests of your child's safety.

At 2:42pm on Tuesday 8th May, Leeds City Academy received a report of a police incident in the streets near the Academy. Following any such report, the Academy moves into a lockdown situation for the safety of staff and students; during this time no one is allowed to enter or leave the building until the police confirm the situation is fully resolved.

The police contacted the Academy to confirm that the perpetrator is of no immediate threat and has been safely apprehended in the local area.  All  students were permitted to leave the building and were safely escorted to the bus stop by staff once the lockdown was over.

Thank you to all of our students who acted in a calm and safe manner during the situation.


Yours sincerely,


Jackie Rose