Leeds City Academy


Step Up Day

Another successful Step Up Day took place at Leeds City Academy on Wednesday 15th November, with students engaged in a variety of tailored activities ranging from; careers guidance and interviews, Sex Education, Health and Fitness and CPR training.



Global businesses inspired our Year 7 students this morning with invaluable careers advice.  Sessions ranged from general good careers advice to attributes of a perfect employee in conjunction with the AheadPartnership.

Students in Year 8 have been learning about a variety of ways of keeping themselves safe and healthy. The students have engaged in a wide range of interactive sessions, they investigated the importance of physical activity and diet for leading a long and healthier lifestyle. In addition, sessions were held looking at the importance of staying safe whilst on-line and how to ‘start a heart’ providing emergency first aid care.

“I am so proud of the contribution of our Year 8 students this morning in their enthusiasm in  developing their ideas about how best to lead a long and healthy lifestyle.” – Mr Ford, Assistant Princiapl KS3



Year 9 students participated in a ‘Metropolis’ programme providing them the perfect balance between the real world and the world of tomorrow.  The Metropolis experience is an opportunity for students to spread their wings, learn about themselves and become curious and inspired by the possibilities of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Year 10 students participated in a sex and relationships carousel of interactive activities led by a team of staff trained in delivering the sensitive issues of consent and healthy relationships.

Year 11 sessions gave them an experience of the interview process and applying for jobs. A number of external representatives from the Ahead Partnership gave them a really great and rounded experience of the whole process.

“These activities powerfully engaged our students and were pushing at the boundaries of what students learn in support of, but outside, their day to day curriculum”. – Mr Pollard, Assistant Princiapl KS4


Senior Vice Principal Tracy Foy: "This has been the perfect foundation for building life-changing career aspirations with our younger students and we thank all of the visiting speakers and staff who worked closely with Leeds City Academy students to make the diverse projects such a success.”