Leeds City Academy


Student Article in Business Magazine

Writing about future careers for TopicUK

Earlier this year, students in Year 9 at Leeds City Academy were tasked with researching an industry sector, company or job role and write a 400-word article for a Schools Careers Correspondent Competition run by the business publication TopicUK.  

We are delighted to announce that Hannah has been chosen as the winner from the Academy. Her article about the field of law was featured in March’s edition of the magazine and she has also received a certificate for her efforts.

Hannah wrote in her article: “The reason why I want to become a lawyer is not because of the financial reward but because I want to help those people without a voice to get what is entitled to them.”

Read Hannah's article here; it's on page 57! 

Gill Laidlaw, who is the Group Editor of the magazine, said: “We received a huge response, many more than we expected and all entries were of an excellent standard. We found it difficult to choose winners as the standard of work was very good, but we managed to choose a winner from each of the schools and an overall winner. What’s more, the students were so keen on this project, they have requested that we run this as a regular feature within TopicUK.”