Leeds City Academy

Student of the Week

A positive attitude to learning

Well done to Angelo in Year 9, who is Leeds City Academy's student of the week.

Angelo has made an effort to significantly improve his conduct and behaviour around the Academy over recent weeks. His ambitions include wanting to travel around the world when he leaves school to explore the history and cultures of different countries.  He especially wants to go to Central and South America.

Ms Rose said: "Well done Angelo, you have clearly defined your goals in life and are now making the right steps forward to fulfil your ambitions. Maintain this excellent standard!"

More Student Success Stories of the Week

Well done also to the following students:

Diana in Year 11 - For always making the most out of coaching, organising her own revision and having a 'go get them' attitude.

Elton in Year 10 -  Elton helps without being asked, never gets any comments but is quiet so probably doesn't always get the credit due to him. He is also an excellent role model for Leonardo in Year 8. Elton is always on time, prepared and well presented. 

Hannah in Year 8. Hannah has never ever received a comment in the whole of her school career (since the beginning of year 7!).  She seeks to do and be the best she can at all times. Hannah wants to become a lawyer but is also interested in veterinary. Also loves dancing in her spare time.

Christine in Year 7 - For impeccable behaviour and always being a polite, well mannered and a well-equipped member of her coaching group. She is an excellent translator and a role model for her peers. Students feel confident and comfortable in speaking with her. She works extremely hard in and out of school to achieve in all her lessons and is a 'quiet achiever'. She challenges herself to complete tasks out of her comfort zone and wants to be a vet when she is older. She uses initiative and brings her own reading books incase the library is not open. Christine taught other members of the class how to do origami, which she taught herself at home. She is always smiling and loves school. She is yet to receive a comment and is always on time and her uniform is always sharp.