Leeds City Academy

Student of the Week

Special Kindness & Support

Well done to Neecey in Year 8, winner of Leeds City Academy's student of the week.

Neecey gets on very well with all members of her coaching group and is always very helpful. She has shown special kindness to a member of the group with hearing difficulties, displaying patience, whilst taking time to try and explain tasks.

Neecey rarely receives any comments and always tries her best.  She said: "My favourite subject is Music - it's the most fun! I would like to have a career in music or hairdressing but I haven't decided yet. I enjoy doing other people's hair and giving them a new look and some confidence.  My mum also used to be a hairdresser.  But I would also like to be a singer."

More Student Success Stories of the Week

Year 7: Ratzinger, who is very polite, respectful and helpful not just in coaching but in all subjects and his attendance massively improved recently.

Year 9: Unique, who is working hard in lessons, is polite, mature and responsible. She is helpful and reliable, always participating in coaching discussions sensibly, offering valuable contributions.

Year 10: Ruth, who is a credit to our school. She is always willing to help staff and her peers. Ruth is polite and friendly and her uniform and equipment are always immaculate. She has 100% attendance since September. Ruth works hard and with her positive attitude to both school and life, she will go far!