Leeds City Academy

Student of the Week

A positive attitude to learning

Well done to Panagiota in Year 8, who is Leeds City Academy's student of the week.

Panagiota is a quiet and studious member of coaching, who is always helpful and caring with her peers. Panagiota never gets comments and has a very good attendance record.

Panagiota's favourite subject is Art because she loves drawing and she finds it interesting and relaxing. Pangiota wants to be a psychologist or an artist when she leaves school.  She likes hearing about people's feelings and trying to help them.

More Student Success Stories of the Week

Ismail in Year 7 is always the first one to settle down quietly in coaching with his reading book. This has helped his English levels to improve hugely. Ismail wants to become a Doctor to help people get better. He is focussed on achieving the best grades that he can in school.

Nadifa in Year 9, who is putting in a fantastic effort in all her lessons. She is an active member of the coaching group who contributes to current event discussions maturely and sensibly. Nadifa would like to study Science or Law when she leaves school. She is passionate about bringing justice to people in society but is also interested in medicine due to being inspired by her brother who is a children's doctor in Somalia.

Esther in Year 10, who is always the first one to arrive into coaching, always smiling and always doing the right thing, not to mention having 100% attendance, 0 comments, spotless uniform and pro-active attitude. Esther is very kind and has great manners, in addition to being a quiet achiever.

Andrea in Year 11, who is significantly improving punctuality to school. Andrea used to be late every day but now is usually first in the room in the morning.