Leeds City Academy

Student of the Week

Leading in outstanding citizenship

Congratulations to Zhivko in Year 10, who is Leeds City Academy’s Student of the Week.

Zhivko is well known at school for his outstanding acts of mindfulness and citizenship. He is a well-mannered student who conducts himself with maturity and confidence, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills.

Recently Zhivko discovered a mobile phone on a public bus and took time out of his day to deliver it directly to the Police, where it was safely returned to its owner. Later he discovered another phone with a young person and reminded them that it was essential that they took it to the Police, to prevent somebody else from repurposing it.

"Think how you'd feel if you'd lost your phone," Zhivko said. "I would hope that somebody would do the right thing and hand it in. So I encourage others to do the same. Treat everyone as you'd expect to be treated yourself."

Ms Foy said: "Zhivko is an outstanding young person who is constantly seeking to make life better for the community. He is also a dedicated, conscientious learner who takes great interest in how Leeds City Academy aspires to be an outstanding school. Congratulations on being our Student of the Week, Zhivko!"

Zhivko is in the process of producing a short documentary about how we treat out Academy buildings and manage litter. The video will be presented in assembly to encourage us all to keep our school clean and tidy, as well as an outstanding place to learn.

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