Leeds City Academy

Student of the Week

A positive attitude to learning

Well done to Amira in Year 8, who is Leeds City Academy's student of the week.

Amira is relatively new to the school but despite this has settled in very quickly and always shows a positive attitude to learning. She is a delight in coaching and always tries her best in all of her subjects.

Amira wants to be a doctor when she leaves school.  She intends to study hard to do this, because she is driven by a desire to help people in need, and to recover from difficult situations. Amira is enjoying LCA much more than her previous school in her home country and hopes to achieve high grades whilst working with us.

Ms Rose said: "Well done on winning student of the week Amira - your drive to do well will take you far. Maintain your  high standard of effort and you will achieve all of your goals."

More Student Success Stories of the Week

Well done also to the following students:

Vedant in Year 7, who is a great role model. He always does what is asked of him and is very helpful with other students in class and always goes out of his way to help. He is a pleasure to have in coaching and he always keeps everyone smiling.

Asana in Year 9, who is consistently well behaved in coaching and throughout school. Always smiling and making an effort to get involved.

Duncan in Year 10, an upstanding citizen of the student community who is always in good uniform and is well equipped.  He is very respectful to others and hardworking in coaching.

Estera in Year 11, who is motivated and working hard to improve one of her units for H&SC, making the most of coaching time to meet her TBG.