Leeds City Academy

Student of the Week

A sustained effort in lessons

Well done to Zuha in Year 9, who is Leeds City Academy's student of the week.

Zuha is a brilliant student who works very hard. She is very helpful and makes a significant effort in all her subjects. Her favourite subjects are Citizenship and History because she finds them interesting and she is also interested in Politics.

Zuha is not sure what she wants to do when she leaves school at the moment, however, she wishes to continue learning through A-levels and on to university to perhaps study a History degree.  

More Student Success Stories of the Week

Andrea in Year 11, who is significantly improving his punctuality to school. Andrea used to be late every day and now he is usually first in the room in the morning.

Kieren in Year 10, who has made such remarkable progress with his behaviour and learning. He has not had a single comment in 8 weeks. This has had a positive impact on his learning. He has become a keen learner and contributes immensely to the life of the coaching group. He is an ambassador for the school, representing the school in competitions, debates, OFSTED interviews and meetings with MPs. 

Princes in Year 8, who is a hardworking,  perfectly behaved, conscientious member of the coaching group. She has perfect attendance and has not received any comments at all throughout the academic year. She is always helpful and polite in both coaching and humanities lessons.  

Dastan in Year 7 - A student who is very helpful always wanting to help. Her attendence is above 96% and is working very hard to keep her comments down, in addition to always wanting to do well.