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Recognising our Teachers at Leeds City Academy 

 Each week, teachers are asked to nominate their colleagues to be featured on our all new 'Teacher Feature' page. At Leeds City Academy, we value each and every one of our teachers who work tirelessly to support our students, taking their learning to the next level. Read about what makes our teachers so special below: 

#6 Frankie Sharpe

Catherine Byfield, Zone Leader for Active & Design, has nominated Frankie Sharpe as this week’s ‘Teacher Feature’ because:

 Frankie is a wonderful colleague. She has provided phenomenal support to colleagues who are delivering vocational courses at Leeds City Academy. 

"Frankie has been an absolute star in her role as Quality Nominee. The sheer amount of support, advice and guidance she gives is fantastic" - Just one of the numerous communications I receive relating to the amazing work Frankie does.

I would like to thank Frankie for being such an incredible professional and a joy to work with.  

#5 Elena Russell 

Rebecca Capstick, Director of English, has nominated Elena Russell as this week’s ‘Teacher Feature’ because:

Miss Russell plans amazing lessons on a daily basis and provides excellent levels of challenge in all of her lessons. Her exercise books demonstrate excellent progress and she carefully marks pieces of work to ensure that her students receive frequent and meaningful feedback. Her students love being in her lessons! She continuously works hard with our SEND students in particular. 

Miss Russell is also an amazing and supportive Year 11 Form Tutor and ensures that the students in her care are prepared for the upcoming stresses during the examination period, but also for the next stages in their educational careers. 


#4 Stacey Rawlinson

Beth Mitchell, Area Team Leader - EAL, has nominated Stacey Rawlinson as this week’s ‘Teacher Feature’ because:

Stacey always delivers lessons of a very high standard which engage her EAL students. She has excellent relationships with her students and always goes the extra mile to help within and outside the department. Stacey does not know how amazing she is. 

#3 Shelton Murape

Marcia Gunson, Zone Leader for Mathematics, has nominated Shelton Murape as this week’s ‘Teacher Feature’ because:

Mr Murape started his NQT last year at Leeds City Academy.  This year he has been working with his year 11 class to prepare them for their mocks.  As a result two students were offered the chance to move to a higher ability set, to which they replied “we never want to leave Mr Murape’s class, he is the best teacher we have ever had”, this is a true credit to the relationship he has developed with his class. 

When asked why he chose to teach his response was “ I enjoy being able to make a difference to students lives”.

Outside of the classroom he is a father of four, and even manages to engage in the challenging maths puzzle’s for fun. 

#2 Katherine Watson

Catherine Byfield, Zone Leader for Active & Design, has nominated Katherine Watson as this week’s ‘Teacher Feature’ because:

Katie is a talented and highly effective teacher who has demonstrated her natural leadership qualities through the wonderful work she has been doing in Technology this year.

She has willingly taken the time to share her strong subject knowledge with colleagues working outside their specialism and supported them with their teaching, learning and assessment.

Katie is keen to promote Design & Technology, and her positive attitude, creativity and enthusiasm for her subject has certainly had a positive impact on our students’  level of engagement, progress and overall quality of work.

#1 Elliott Booth-Wade

Marcia Gunson, Head of Maths, has nominated Elliott as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Recently appointed as Leeds City Academy's Lead Teacher of Maths Elliott has had a big role to fill in directing the Maths Department to a successful year, a task that he has embraced wholeheartedly.

His excellent skills in developing strong working relationships with students and staff have allowed Elliott to be a key leader, harnessing and guiding the growing department towards outstanding. Combining this with his strong classroom teacher skill set Elliott has become an invaluable member of not only the Maths department but also the Academy.

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#2- Carys Woods

Kelly Allchin, Head of History, has nominated Carys Woods because: 

Carys has made tremendous progress in her first year, meeting all of her targets and developing her pedagogy constantly. She has worked really hard to develop good relationships with the students and her classes are making good progress.

 #1- Emmanuel Njoyo

Marcia Gunson, Head of Maths, has nominated Emmanuel Njoyo because: 

Emmanuel Njoyo has had a fascinating life to date, born and raised in Cameroon he struggled with maths but with hard work and determination he became one of the best students in the country, winning a scholarship to complete his education abroad. Having no connections in English speaking countries, Emmanuel began studying electrical engineering in 1989 in Kiev, which was then part of the Soviet Union.‘Living in Russia for seven years was one of the best times of my life, it was very friendly until the collapse of the Soviet Union when poverty led to frustration.’After learning both Russian and French and gaining his Masters Emmanuel should have gone home but decided to travel to the UK to make some money to take home to Cameroon however his plans changed when he met the woman who would become his wife. To increase his career prospects he completed his PGCE and has now been teaching for 11 years and hasn’t looked back! His favourite topic to teach is algebra and pure maths and believes that building a relationship with the pupils increases their confidence in their abilities and realising their life goals.In Emmanuel’s spare time he enjoys watching premier league football and DIY, he is also passionate about France, a country he will travel to impulsively with his family to eat fine foods and admire the beauty of Paris.