Leeds City Academy


The Beginning of the Schools Cup


On Tuesday 9th October the Year 9 Football Team had their first round fixture of the Schools Cup against Holy Trinity.

The team started slowly, going 3-0 down and finishing the half at 3-1.

After some tactical substitutions, the boys brought the game back to life and with 12 minutes to play, Leeds City Academy had the lead at 5-4. 

Unfortunately, the boys lost their shape and panicked, losing the game 9-5 - which wasn't a true reflection of the game.

Everyone involved showcased excellent determination.

Mr Carrington said "It was a pleasure to have every one of them playing for the team. 

"The 'Man of the Match' goes to Khadimou for his non stop work rate throughout."

We look forward to seeing how well they play in their next match. Well-done boys!