Leeds City Academy


What's Different at LCA This Year?

A programme for progress

Student Voice is an integral part of Leeds City Academy's programme for progress, as we continue our journey to become an outstanding school. It is a journey which students, staff and the local community are making together with a united vision.

This week students spoke of what they thought had changed since returning to the Academy in September, and described how it has influenced school life and their learning.

Improvements include a new lunch break system, additional lessons in Maths and English after school, Red Zone learning to create independence and resilience, positive discipline, the readiness of equipment for learning and the re-establishment of a Year 11 Common Room.

Ms Rose said: "Our journey to outstanding really is a group effort and we're embracing many positive changes. We're innovating our pioneering improvements with students, parents and staff, ensuring everything we do benefits the families of our local community. It really is an exciting time to be part of Leeds City Academy at this time, and we all have the confidence to know that anything is possible when we work together."

Find out what our students had to say in their own words in the video below: