Leeds City Academy


Year 10 Cup Match

Our Year 10 football team travelled to Manchester for an interesting cup match against St Anne’s CofE Academy.

Our group of boys from Leeds City Academy were the only team from West Yorkshire left in the cup! 

The boys started the game a little nervous and conceded 2 early goals. But then they dominated the match but just couldn’t put the chances they had away. We finished the game a 3-1 loss. 

After the game we spoke to the referee and even he said we deserved to win! 

Mr Carrington, LCA PE Teacher and Football Coach said "I am extremely proud of the year 10 boys and how well they worked as a team and the effort each of them put it.

"They have grown up so much since last year and have shown great character inside school and on the pitch.  

"The behaviour of the boys in the team has been closely monitored by myself over the last 2-3 weeks so I know that these students can prove themselves to be deserving of a position in the team and represent our academy as leaders." 

Attached are 2 pictures from this evening in a very wet and cold Manchester!