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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Leeds City Academy, a truly unique and inspirational school.

I would like to welcome you to our Academy and website. I trust you will find the information provided through the site useful and interesting, enabling you to gain a true sense of our unique, inspiring, aspirational student and community culture. 

I am immensely proud to be the Principal of Leeds City Academy and I have greatly enjoyed overseeing the schools continued improvement and mission of ‘Working In Partnership to secure the aspirations and ambitions of all our young people’. 

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Andrew Whitaker WRAT CEO

Richard Chattoe        Principal

Sarah Carrie        Executive Principal

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Re-setting Student Uniform for Half-Term 6

Since we have provided the option for students to wear variations of uniform & LCA PE kit, I have been disappointed with the lack of overall professionalism displayed by a high number of students. This has resulted in a clear drop in professional standards of dress & in some cases a knock on effect to general attitude/application. Therefore, I have decided to reduce the options for students across half-term 6. The only options for students is as follows:

Students can wear:

  • Their full uniform
  • Uniform without blazer but with jumper
  • Uniform without purple jumper but with blazer


NB: during hot days I will communicate to staff & students that they will be permitted to remove both their blazer & jumper.



If you have any safeguarding concerns, please visit the safeguarding page on our website for more details: