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What Black History Month Means To Me

Staff Quotes

To me, Black History Month is a time to celebrate and reflect upon the huge contributions that people of different races, cultures and ethnicities have had upon our day to day lives here in Britain.

As a white woman, I believe it is important for me to recognise my privilege and understand that this privilege has not been experienced by all, I hope to use my voice in whatever way I can to address inequality if I see it, hear it or feel it.

As a citizenship teacher, I hope to teach young people about their rights and responsibilities, about how to be an active citizens and the change makers that our country needs to keep progressing and moving forward. I hope to teach them that they all have worth, that all their voices matter and that they should all be heard.

I feel so lucky to work at such a vibrant, multicultural school. I have learnt so much from my students and in that respect they have become my teachers also.

- Mrs Allchin, Assistant Principal  

Black History Month means achievements and acknowledgement of African and Caribbean people who have contributed to the social, political, economic and cultural development in the U.K​.

I am who I am, a black woman born and bred in Britain. ​

Please do not judge me by the colour of my skin but judge me on the contents of my character. ​

I look at the world through a black woman’s eyes, everything and everyone is beautiful. I have no hate in my eyes, only sorrow for some injustices we must bear because of our skin colour. ​

The black skin is not a badge of shame but rather a glorious symbol of a nation’s greatness.​

I am a Proud Black Woman and I stand Strong and Tall.​

I have a dream. 

- Mrs Howarth, Pastoral Manager