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Bonfire Night Safety

How to stay safe on Bonfire Night!

This Bonfire Night, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) is urging people NOT to host events or have bonfires at their own private property.

Due to coronavirus, Bonfire Night will be celebrated differently with many of the usual organised events not going ahead. WYFRS is not trying to ruin anyone’s fun but please do not host an event, abide by local restrictions and practice social distancing this Bonfire season.

We want everyone to enjoy the bonfire season responsibly and encourage families NOT to host their own bonfires or events. Garden bonfires can so easily get out of control. Not only do these pose a serious risk to yourself, your family and the public, but they also take our crews away from other potentially life-threatening incidents.

However you spend your Bonfire Night, please follow our safety advice: 

  • Just one mistake this Bonfire Night could leave you scarred for life.
  • If you or somebody you know insists on having a bonfire, please follow all the safety information on the tab to the right.
  • Keep everyone well away from fires and fireworks – especially children – and keep pets indoors
  • Avoid drinking alcohol whilst in charge of a bonfire or fireworks
  • In case of an emergency, keep buckets of water, the garden hose or a fire extinguisher ready
  • Only children over the age of five are allowed to use sparklers and should be supervised by an adult at all times
  • Prank 999 calls are a criminal offence

For further details visit the West Yorkshire Fire Service website here.