Leeds City Academy


Captivating Citizenship Lesson 

Last week some of our Year 10 students were able to be involved in a very exciting lesson with PC Berrell.

For this lesson PC Berrell brought a police car to Leeds City Academy for students to have a look in. Students were able to see the equipment the police use and get a chance to sit in it!

In the lesson PC Berrell discussed police powers with the students, in relation to stopping and searching people.  Students were then shown how police conduct a stop search and how police arrest and handcuff individuals.

 All students got the opportunity to be handcuffed (if they wished) and we had a few volunteers who were searched. 

PC Berrell said "The students engaged really well, asked lots of questions and loved the interactive session. 

"They learnt about their rights in relation to what police are allowed and not allowed to do!"