Diverse City 

Introductory session to/for the second cohort of the Diverse-City

On Tuesday 17th October,  Mr. Niles held an introductory session to/for the second cohort of the Diverse-City programme.


The turnout was brilliant, and allowed students, who had been nominated by members of staff within the academy, to have an insight of what Diverse-City programme is about and what they can take from this in the long- and short-term future.

He invited four former year 11 students (Brandon, William, Mamadou and Joshua ), who were in the previous cohort of Diverse-City, with the principal’s ethos “Once LCA, always LCA” in mind. These students shared stories of their time at the academy, the impact of learning through the pandemic had on them, and the successes and challenges they faced, and continue to today. It was heart warming and inspirational, not only as their mentor to see the growth in these students in just over three months, but for the current Diverse-City cohort to hear about how the former students were getting on now in terms of post-16 life.


They provided positive advice to the boys including discussions about; things that they got wrong, and how the current students can get it right, focusing on school studies and the brilliant impact Diverse-City had on them, and towards their growth as young men in the community. This opened the floor to engaging conversations between the former students, and the current cohort, who engaged well, and asked many questions.