Leeds City Academy


First Empower Session

Leeds City Academy students attended the first Empower session of the year.

Tuesday 14th September saw the first Empower session at Leeds City Academy. 

Empower is a programme, launched by the White Rose Academies Trust, that will enable our young women to be strong-minded, brave, influential leaders who are proud of who they are.

Through workshops and events, students will be able to develop a greater sense of who they are and recognise their academic and professional potential. When graduating from this programme, we want our students to feel empowered to make ambitious decisions about their futures.

In the first Empower session, the girls discussed their bucket lists, ambitions, life in local communities and the challenges they face today. Defining 'empowerment' as something that builds confidence and allows you to speak up for yourself and others.

Students discussed personal positive female role models and how empowerment can help them in school and beyond.

It was lovely to see the confidence of the wonderful students grow within the first session and many have set themselves the challenge to put their hand up and offer their answers and opinions in class this week.

We look forward to seeing how our students grow in confidence during this academic year!