Leeds City Academy


GCSE History Holocaust Presentation

On Friday 22nd November, Year 10 and 11 students welcomed Georgia Burton, a student at Leeds University, who told them about her Grandpa’s experience during the Holocaust.

Her Grandpa, David Herman, miraculously survived five concentration camps AND a twenty-day long death march before ultimately being liberated by the Allies at the end of World War Two. Georgia told his story in an honest and moving way that gripped students from start to finish. The message was clear: we must learn from her Grandpa’s history to ensure it is never allowed to happen again.

Our students were incredibly respectful and professional throughout the incredibly difficult talk and Mr Duffy, Mr Halpin and Miss Woods were also very impressed with the way students articulated their questions to Georgia at the end. One student also raised the point that both Georgia and her Grandpa were incredibly brave to tell his story when so many couldn’t. It was a harrowing story but one of hope and perseverance that we were very grateful to hear.

Georgia, thank you for coming and speaking with our students!