Leeds City Academy


LCA Students of the Week

Congratulations to Wisdom, Daniela and Etiniela! 

Last week Mr Chattoe, Principal, has chosen three students to receive Leeds City Academy's Student of the Week Award! 

Mr Chattoe said" I believe that the below students are exceptional every day. They are positive role models in their year group, display all the In Partnership values and always do the right thing. They always greet staff politely and are always willing to help both staff and students. I believe they all deserve to be recognised."

Congratulations to Wisdom, Year 7 student, He is a new student who had only been with us this week a number of teachers have praised his attitude in lessons and full embraced our school values. He's had a really positive impact on his class.

Congratulation to Daniela, Year 9 student, she is a model LCA student, is always on time, has 100% attendance and zero comments. She puts 100% effort into all her lessons, engaging exceptionally and producing high quality work. She is always professional and respectful and is a great role model to other students.   

Congratulation to Etiniela, Year 10 student, She has been really caring this week, looking after a friend who is going through a tough time while also handling her own work and situations very well. She is a very lively and friendly member of our student body and is always smiling and helpful.

Well done to all of you. Who will be the next student of the week, will it be you?