Leeds City Academy


Year Manager Awards

Congratulations to ten of our students who have been recognised by their Year Manager!

Over the past two weeks, ten students have been recognised by their Year Managers for their commitment to learning, volunteering work and for other achievements. Well done to all the students listed below! 

Yusra in Year 7 - It is clear to see that Yusra absolutely loves learning, she is in regular communication with staff and is extremely engaged with all her learning. 
Ian in Year 7 - Ian has worked as hard as possible from the very first moment he started his live lessons. He is always very engaged, answering questions and always has lots of subject knowledge in his answers. He has been extremely professional, resilient and aspirational when conducting his live lessons.
Nehmi in Year 8 - Nehmi has produced some amazing work in a Microsoft forms red zone which must have taken him quite a long time. Very impressive work.
Mohammed in Year 8 - Mohammed goes above and beyond to ensure he is online and is ready for live lessons. He always emails if he needs support or has any issues. He is putting in lots of effort and trying extremely hard.
Victoria in Year 9 - Victoria is a fantastic student who has engaged extremely well with all of her distant learning and always puts 100% effort in. 
David in Year 9 - David has recently been helping his local community by volunteering with the packing of food parcels. He was acknowledged by members of staff from other schools as exceptionally polite and was a proud representative of Leeds City Academy. 
Sope in Year 10 - Sope has positively engaged with his learning and has shown a very strong desire to work hard and produce good work. 
Ellie Mae in Year 10 - Ellie has really impressed all of her teachers with excellent engagement of live lessons.

Dastan in Year 11 - Dastan had her Interview with her desired college for Year 12 and got in which is extremely impressive considering all of the recent disruptions to education. Dastan could easily have been demotivated by has demonstrated clear resilience, dedication and aspiration.

Alexandra in Year 11 - Alexandra has been so professional and caring during online Art lessons, not just advising staff when there have been technical issues, but also supporting other students in the group. Her kind, caring nature and engagement in additional learning online is also impressive and she fully deserves the award and recognition. Well done Alexandra!

 *We were unable to get a photograph of each of our wonderful students, but we would like to say WELL DONE for all your hard work!