Leeds City Academy


Student Leadership

Leeds City Academy's Student Council exists to ensure that teaching, learning and student experience is constantly being improved through Student Voice. The Student Council is core to Academy life, assisting in crucial aspects of the school's decision-making.

The Council is comprised of students from Year 7 to Year 11, who are actively involved in interviewing new staff, discussing rewards and developing fundraising activities. At Leeds City Academy, Student Council demonstrates democracy in action and is an extension of the school's practical propagation of British Values.  

Photo: Student Council meet with Hilary Benn, MP for Leeds Central, following their Road Safety Research


LCA Parliament

Our Student Parliament is split into 5 different departments (See below), each working on key areas of the Academy. Voting for the entire cabinet takes place in September of each year where any student can stand for a place on the Student Parliament. Any MSP (Member of Student Parliament) can stand for President or Vice President. Departments meet fortnightly to discuss their own agendas and the entire Parliament meet every half term with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss their progress with their manifestos.


LCA Trust Leadership representatives: 

Adam (Y8)

Vanessa (Y8)

Daniel (Y9)

Grace (Y9)

Love (Y9)

Lasharde (Y10)

David (Y11)


Prefects Structure



Student Voice – Driving forwards school improvement

Leeds City Academy is constantly responding to the needs of students and families every term, making improvements which are suggested by our young people and wider community.

Here are just some of things that you said and we did:


You Said

We did

You said you wanted to be seen as different to the rest of the school in Year 11.

As of September, year 11 will be wearing a black shirt as part of their uniform.

You said that the canteen at lunchtime was too busy and students did not have enough time to eat their lunch.

Introduced a split lunch so students could get served more quickly and changed the layout of the canteen.

You said we cannot do PE if we forget our PE kit.

PE department purchased additional PE kit for all students to borrow if needed. 

You said that you wanted to be able to play football at break and lunch times.

We bought football goals for the outside areas for football games at break and lunch.

You said that you wanted more rewards in school.

We opened a rewards shop where students can purchase rewards with their stamps.

You said that you wanted bigger prizes for the attendance competitions.

We introduced additional ‘big prizes’ in our draws such as PS4, mountain bikes and tablets.

You said that we needed to help new students know the building before they arrive.

We improved our transition section of the website with tours from current students.

You said that you wanted somewhere to play basketball at break and lunch time.

We bought a basketball net for the courts.

You said that you would like different food in the canteen.

We launched ‘theme days’ and are working towards healthy schools status.