Leeds City Academy


Student Leadership

Leeds City Academy's Student Parliament exists to ensure that teaching, learning and student experience is improved through Student Voice. The Student Parliament is core to Academy life, assisting in crucial aspects of the school's decision-making.

The Parliament is comprised of students from Year 7 to Year 11, who are actively involved in interviewing new staff, discussing rewards and developing fundraising activities. At Leeds City Academy, Student Parliament demonstrates democracy in action and is an extension of the school's practical propagation of British Values. 

 LCA Parliament

Our Student Parliament is split into six different departments (See below), each working on key areas of the Academy. Voting for the entire cabinet takes place in September of each year where any student can stand for a place on the Student Parliament. We also hold elections for Chair and associate leaders (see below)

Our Culture Coaches work on PSHE projects throughout the year, delivering assemblies, mentoring students and organising information stalls. The Culture Coach Champion oversees this work.


LCA Trust Leadership representatives: 

Sara (Y10)

Maybel (Y10)

Stephanie (Y10)

Khadimou (Y10)

Renanda (Y11)

Janasha (Y11)


Prefects Structure



Student Leadership – Driving forwards academy and community improvement

Leeds City Academy is constantly responding to the needs of students and families every term.

Here are some of the amazing things that have been achieved so far:

  • Links forged with a local homeless charity to provide and distribute hygiene packs
  • The design of a new, innovative tiered reward system
  • Student led information stalls regarding safer internet use
  • Meetings with the academy catering company to look at our canteen offer
  • Student led anti-littering campaigns
  • Numerous student led charity awareness days
  • Mental health awareness and student voice