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Year 10 Distance Learning

Year 10 Self Isolation Work - W/C 19th October

Please follow the links below to access the subject content for each lesson. 

It is essential that the tasks are completed so that we can use this information to assess pupil understanding.  

Please make sure to email all your red zone tasks to your teacher.  



Red Zone


Lesson 1: Visit your Hegarty Maths page


Lesson1: Lesson 1: Complete the work assigned by your classroom teacher

Lesson 2: Visit your Hegarty Maths page


Lesson2: Lesson 1: Complete the work assigned by your classroom teacher

Lesson 3: Visit your Hegarty Maths page


Lesson3: Lesson 1: Complete the work assigned by your classroom teacher


Lesson 4: Visit your Hegarty Maths page


Lesson 4: Lesson 1: Complete the work assigned by your classroom teacher

Lesson 5: Visit your Hegarty Maths page

Lesson 5: Lesson 1: Complete the work assigned by your classroom teacher



Lesson 1: Collective social responsibility and class

Lesson 1: How does Priestley present themes of social responsibility in his play?


Lesson 2: The Inspector

Lesson 2: How is the Inspector presented?

Lesson 3:  The Inspector Part 2

Lesson 3: How does Priestley use the Inspector to teach his audience about social change?

Lesson 4: Mr Birling

Lesson 4:  Compare how The Inspector and Mr. Birling are presented.


Lesson 5: Mrs Birling

Lesson 5: How is the character of Mrs. Birling different to Mr. Birling and The Inspector




Lesson 1: The remarkable brain


Lesson 1:  Describe how technology such as the brain port device can support people who have lost their sense of sight or hearing.

Lesson 2: The synapse

Lesson 2: Complete the animation about the synapse and make a flow chart to describe how a nerve impulse can travel from one neuron to the next one across a synapse.

Lesson 3:  Revision

Lesson 3: Use the focus learning resource to make some revision notes on mitosis, growth, stem cells, asexual reproduction and the nervous system.

Lesson 4: Exam questions


Lesson 4: Test your knowledge using the exam questions and mark schemes.

Lesson 5: ‘ To be mentioned …'

Lesson 5: Jon Chase is a science communicator. As part of black history month describe how we can communicate the contribution black scientists make to all young people.




Lesson 1: Mid-topic assessment

Lesson1: Answer the questions and email them to Moss Woods.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Transportation

Lesson2: Read the information and complete the tasks.

Lesson 3: Key Features of Botany Bay

Lesson 3: Read the information and complete the tasks.



Lesson1:  Recall: Effects of tectonic hazards

Lesson 1: Explain how the effects and responses to tectonic hazards may be improved.


Lesson 2:  Reducing the risks of tectonic hazards - monitoring and prediction


Lesson 2:  Evaluate tectonic risk reduction of monitoring and prediction. Consider HIC/LIC in your answer.

Lesson 3: Reducing the risks of tectonic hazards – protection and planning


Lesson 3:  Evaluate tectonic risk reduction of protection and planning. Consider HIC/LIC in your answer.



Lesson 1 and 2 : What do you prefer to do online?

Lesson 1 and 2: Red Zone: answer the questions in Spanish. Use adjectives.

Extra challenge: translate the text into English



Lesson 1: Balance

Lesson 1: Complete the GCSE Bitesize online test linked to Balance.

Lesson 2: Balance - Radial Symmetry

Lesson 2: Create a cell study using radial symmetry.


Lesson 1: Photo Montage 1

Lesson 1: Create a strip collage

Lesson 2: Photo Montage 2

Lesson 2: Create a ripped collage


Recall Component 1 Exploring Enterprise.pptx

Red Zone embedded into PowerPoint



Lesson 1: How are communities changing?

Lesson 1: ‘Explain and then evaluate the ways in which the UK has changed over the past 20 years.

Then explain the impact this has had upon Leeds as a city.

Lesson 2: What are laws?


Lesson 2: Pick two laws (one serious and one less serious) for each, describe how the law links to human rights and how/why the possible punishments balance rehabilitation and justice.

Lesson 3: Should the age of criminal responsibility be changed?


Lesson 3: ‘The UK age of criminal responsibility should remain at 10’ (15 marks)


Coming to England- The story of a Windrush generation girl

Lesson 1:  Watch the story of a Windrush generation girl who came to Britain in 1960 from the Caribbean. Consider the prejudice and discrimination towards her, and how she overcame the racism she faced.


Lesson 1, 2 & 3:

Understanding the context of Blackout

Embedded into the PowerPoint

Health and Social Care

Component 1: Human lifespan development

Included within the PowerPoint presentation

Music (RSL - BCR))

Lesson 1 and 2:

Blues Music


Continue to write the next section of your report on the history and key features of Blues Music for a newspaper who is interested in different types of music.

Music (BTEC/RSL - DBA)

Higher and Higher Performance

Red Zone: Developing a performance of ‘higher and higher’ by Jackie Wilson


Lesson 1: Macronutrients


Loom video to support powerpoint

Lesson 1:  Included within PowerPoint presentation

Lesson 2: Micro-nutrients

Lesson 2:  Included within PowerPoint presentation

Travel and Tourism

Btec T and T TECH year 10 Contributions of travel and tourism to the economy.pptx

Red Zone Embedded into PowerPoint



Lesson 1:  Theory smart and modern materials.


Lesson 1: End of topic test

Lesson 2 and 3: Project work


Lesson 2 and 3: Work through the tasks on the PowerPoint.

Hospitality & Catering

Lesson 1: Allergens

Red zone contained within the PowerPoint

Lesson 2 and 3: Culture Kitchen - Taco’s and potato wedges

Lesson 2 and 3: Ready, steady cook!

Take a photograph and email it to



If you do not have the ingredients available please create a production plan including a list of the ingredients, equipment needed and method.


Your instructions on how to make the dish should be clear and simple for an apprentice to be able to follow.